The Public Domain Expert Code Breaker


The Public Domain Expert Code Breaker

I’ve cracked the code to the Gurus’ secret
Public Domain treasure sites!


I have always been fascinated with treasure and treasure hunting. I do not know if it was about the money, the thrill of the hunt or the excitement of trying to solve a mystery. I remember spending hours trying to solve the 1885 Beale Ciphers—one of which allegedly states the location of a buried treasure of gold and silver estimated to be worth over 20 million US dollars in today’s money.

I also think back on my trip to New York City, convinced I had solved the puzzle in the 1984 book, “Treasure: In Search of the Golden Horse,” where I had hoped to discover the 1 kilogram golden horse that was buried in a box somewhere on public land within the continental United States. Of course, I didn’t solve the Beale Ciphers and I didn’t find the golden horse (although I spent a lovely day digging around under the Queensboro Bridge).

But those disappointments never quenched the fire that burned within me to discover. I know that passion for hidden treasure will always be a part of who I am. I AM a seeker of secrets…a solver of mysteries and a revealer of the hidden, and I believe those passions have become the foundation for my love of the Public Domain.


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