Public Domain Treasure Hunter Magazine Issue 5


Public Domain Treasure Hunter Magazine Issue 5

How to Tap into a Massive Goldmine of Undiscovered Public Domain Newspapers.


Have your every stopped to consider the sheer amount of newspapers published worldwide in the last few centuries? Even in the US alone the number is huge!

There were millions of newspapers published before 1923 and every one of them is in the public domain. Millions more were published in the US between 1923 and 1963 with out timely copyright renewal. This is great news for us because it leaves behind a massive stockpile of newspaper content in the public domain for us to dive into and legally use as content for 0ur won projects!

In this issue of “Public Domain Treasure Hunter Magazine”, we’re going to be discussing how and why you should be using public domain newspapers in your publishing business as a rich source of practically never ending content.


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