Public Domain Treasure Hunter Magazine Issue 2


Public Domain Treasure Hunter Magazine Issue 2

How To Republish Public Domain Comic Books For Fun And Profit!


Comic books have had a very colorful history in the U.S. and they are truly an all-American art form! In order to understand why public domain comics are so valuable, you’ll need to understand a little about what they are and where they came from so in this section I’ll give you a brief history of comic books.

If you want the by-the-book stone cold definition, a comic book — or comic for short — is a magazine or book containing sequential art in the form of a narrative. If you want my definition, comic books are little 30-page magic carpet rides through wildly imaginative new worlds of fun, romance, and adventure.

Comic books came to exist in the U.S. in their modern format with the introduction of “Famous Funnies” in the 1930’s. Japan, France, Italy, and Belgium have also had a long tradition in comic books, but it’s U.S. “Golden Age” comic books that we will be discussing here.


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