Public Domain Treasure Hunter Magazine Issue 1


Public Domain Treasure Hunter Magazine Issue 1

How To Turn An Old Public Domain Movie Into An Underground Cult Classic Smash Hit!


You may already know that using copyright-free public domain material is without a doubt the fastest, easiest, and least expensive way there is to create your own products with the least amount of effort but, when most people think of the public domain, they mainly envision old books and such.

Granted, there are tons of great public domain books out there (millions in fact) that you can republish as e-books, printed books, and content for your websites and blogs but did you realize that there is also a vast treasure chest of films, television shows, cartoons and all sorts of other visual media waiting for you as well? It’s true! The sheer amount of movies that are in the public domain is mind-blowing and the best part is that just like public domain books, you can use them any way you want. You can use public domain movies and other visual media to create your own line of DVD’s, streaming videos from your website, to use in advertising – literally any way you want!

In this premiere issue of “Public Domain Treasure Hunter Magazine” we will be discussing many specific examples of a very unique method of breathing new life into a public domain movie that is so creative and so powerful, that it if applied correctly practically guarantees you legions of adoring fans (and paying customers). Not only can this method be extremely rewarding but it’s also a great deal of fun as well! We’re not talking about winning academy awards here by any means but when done right, this method will have you using copyright-free public domain movies to create video products that will be fun, memorable, and extremely viral in nature. Apply this method and you’ll be producing the kind of movies that critics hate (so what!) but the fans love.


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