Creating Original Illustrations From Public Domain Photographs


Creating Original Illustrations From Public Domain Photographs

A Tutorial on the Simple Power of the Illustration Program and Expressions.


Creating line illustrations from Public Domain photographs is a fairly simple process using the awesome program, Expressions, now from Microsoft. If you can trace, you can create a great looking illustration. Since I first introduced Expressions as a product creation tool in my popular report, “More Photoshop Tricks for Product Creation,” I’ve received numerous requests from subscribers asking that I produce a tutorial that showed, step-by-step, how I used Expressions with the photographs to create illustrations like the ones I shared in that report. So for the sake of this Case Study, I decided to create a brand-new illustration based on a Public Domain image of the WWII aircraft, the Grumman F4F “Wildcat” Fighter. The photograph I chose came from the Naval Historical Center website…


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