A Local Community’s $7000 Public Domain Secret


A Local Community’s $7000 Public Domain Secret

When I Saw This Product, I Laughed at the Idea and Even Ridiculed Its Poor Design… Then They Told Me It Sold Thousands of Copies, so I Bought One on the Spot! Now I’ve reverse-engineered their process so that you can produce the same type of products and achieve similar results.


HOW MANY small communities, towns, neighborhoods, even cities, do you think there are in your county, your state, your province, your region or your country (especially considering this concept would obviously work in nearly any location around the world)? What would happen if YOU created a historical calendar for YOUR town? What about ALL the towns in your area? You could simply conduct your research at the local library, historical society, flea market or antique shop and then create a historical calendar that showcased the highlights, people, buildings and events for each town in your region. You could easily sell your calendars at local craft shows, through the local newspaper, with flyers, at the local banks, etc. You could also partner together (think affiliates) with the local Historical Society, or use the calendars as fund-raisers with schools, youth groups, Boy Scout and Girl Scout groups, or other local organizations. Split the profits with them so that they benefit, you benefit, AND you support your local community in the process…it’s a WIN-WIN-WIN!



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